Issue 14 - Lanyin Xugu

Issue 14 - Lanyin Xugu#


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Recording down down-to-earth front-end and tech content I come across each week, as well as some personal life updates. Selected content will be published here every Saturday. Feel free to follow this column if you find it interesting, for easy access to updates.

An out-of-the-box, open-source component library based on Tailwind CSS. The unique feature of this library is that all components are provided in source code form, giving us a greater sense of control over the code when using the component library. The styles are also modern and visually appealing.

hotkeys-js is a JavaScript library for capturing keyboard inputs and defining hotkeys. This library can be used in various applications, such as web applications, editors, games, etc., to listen for specific keyboard keys or key combinations.

Lan Expose is an elegant solution that allows you to access websites exposed to the public network using browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) even when ports 443 and 80 are blocked, without specifying a port number. It only supports HTTPS. If your broadband has a public IP but the ports are blocked, this may be a feasible solution.

VPet \
A virtual desktop pet simulator, an open-source desktop pet software that can be embedded into any WPF application. It is currently available on Steam and is designed to provide companionship while coding.

An emoji expression synthesis tool that allows you to play around and see what strange things you can create 😂

Internet Speed Test
Cloudflare's official network speed testing tool, with comprehensive data. I didn't realize it before, but it should be the best practice among similar products.

Just browsing#

🎥 "Lost in Translation"#

  • After watching Her, I watched another film directed by Spike Jonze's ex-wife ten years ago. Interestingly, both films share the same female lead, our goddess. Although she only provides the voice in the latter film, it is believed that these two films are letters written by the two directors to each other. "Lost in Translation"( tells a delicate and restrained story. It depicts a kind of romance that belongs to adults, a moderate indulgence and rebellion. The film opens with a shot of the goddess' peach-like buttocks, and I have to say that Scarlett Johansson at the age of 17 is really beautiful! This film, whether in terms of filming, acting, plot design, or the balance between sadness and humor, is handled extremely well. This balance is subtle and clever, making people feel comfortable.

📼 "I Accidentally Lived to Be 30"#

  • Although I am still a young man in my early twenties, when I saw this video, I couldn't help but think about how I would be in ten years. I deeply resonate with the idea of the ivory tower of the desk. During holidays, I basically sit in front of the desk and do things I like, and the day passes quickly.
  • In the comments, I also found a sentence that I agree with: "One day I suddenly understood why so many people like Apple. It's like a child with a poetic and elegant temperament among those science students who lack sensibility, giving people a warm feeling."

⌨️ Kzzi K68#

  • I bought a new keyboard this week, the Kzzi K68. It's really cost-effective at less than 400, and I feel that it's not much worse than the nearly 1k Amilo I bought before. The sound of the large keys is really pleasant, and the gold dust switches are also very comfortable to type on. I've always wanted to buy a small layout keyboard, and this time I made the perfect choice. If anyone wants to change their keyboard, I recommend giving it a try.


🖥️ Personal Subscription Management#

  • This week, I started organizing the software and hardware services I subscribe to. I used Notion to organize some of them, but I may have missed many. I'll gradually add them later, so that when I see unexpected deduction information, I'll know which software is automatically renewing.

💻 Windows Terminal#

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