• Technology: Use all means to maintain information freedom.
  • Mysticism: Use all means to promote spiritual awakening.
  • Dating: Use all means to protect men's rights.
  • Online earning: Use all means to create an automatic money-making machine.
  • Cultural and creative industries: Use all means to maintain creative freedom.

Super Individual Skill Tree#

  1. Software development and game production
  2. Reverse engineering, cryptography, and game assistance
  3. AI-assisted creation (text, audio, painting, video)
  4. E-commerce operation
  5. Algorithmic trading
  6. Social engineering and psychology of both sexes
  7. Mysticism

Eight Principles#

  • Cost-effectiveness: Choose the cheapest option without sacrificing experience. It is acceptable to spend time to save money as long as the money saved is higher than the hourly wage according to the market price.
  • Redundancy: One, when estimating time, multiply the maximum time by 2 to get the final time (Hou Shida's law). Two, make backups of important data, with at least two copies stored on different media.
  • Standardization/Process automation/Intelligence (IT Fourization): Standardization is the premise of process automation. Process automation facilitates outsourcing and is the only habit of successful people. Process automation also facilitates intelligence, which means solving problems with machines. The virtue of programmers is to automate rather than do things manually. It's embarrassing for a programmer to manually perform a low-level repetitive behavior, isn't it?
  • First principles: There are only a few necessary conditions to achieve a goal. Focus on them and avoid unnecessary assumptions. Don't be bound by the views/practices of the masses.
  • Hot-swappable: Ensure that you are an independent and complete system, cooperating with others but not relying on them. Prioritize honing your bargaining skills rather than cooperation skills to increase your options. Ensure that you can terminate the cooperation relationship at any time and prevent being restricted by anyone. When encountering problems, consider terminating the cooperation and finding someone else instead of improving the cooperation relationship.
  • Focus, iteration, and excellence: Focus on one thing at a time, allow for imperfections, and continuously improve through multiple iterations, striving for excellence.
  • Big data: (1) Big data not only refers to numbers and tables, but also includes information, experience, tutorials, and methodologies, which are unstructured data. (2) Collect data to explore every possibility, counter uncertainty, avoid cognitive biases, and benefit from the experiences of others without the need for personal practice. (3) Pay attention to collecting data that you may not need temporarily but that everyone needs, and transform your storage facilities to accommodate more data.
  • Cross-border: Digitally transform everything. The mission of programmers is to eliminate other industries before eliminating themselves.


Besides being a scumbag, there are no other shortcomings of a scumbag. Besides being a bootlicker, there are no other advantages of a bootlicker.

Since we will be criticized no matter what we do, ____________________.

The fundamental principle of making money is information asymmetry.

There may be many opportunities, but the corresponding technologies may be limited, so it is important to build a versatile skill set as early as possible.

Capitalists have dug many pits to enslave you, such as consumerism, training you to be a screw, and most importantly, squeezing your free time.

The money earned from working is just funeral expenses, the money earned from the market is called money. It is more important to get rid of the plight of being a worker as soon as possible.

Once your costs are low, time is your friend; otherwise, it is your enemy. This is like a tree, as long as the roots are not dead, it can always survive.

In the same level of experience, choose the one with lower cost, but do not sacrifice experience for this.

If the time spent on open source is the same as brushing your teeth, then sustainability is not a problem.

Promotion should be an integral part of your product, it is equally important as the content, and it can be done better with the help of technology. The 50-50 rule is that five parts are for content and five parts are for promotion.

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