19th Issue - Cherishing the Jade

Issue 19 - Embrace the Jade and Hold the Jade#


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(Translated) Basic knowledge about Unicode that every software developer must know in 2023
This article discusses some basic knowledge about Unicode, which will deepen our understanding of character encoding and decoding. The whole article is full of practical information.

Front-end user behavior recording technology solution
This article introduces the technical solution of recording user behavior in the browser through front-end technology. It is a reminder to everyone to protect their personal privacy when surfing the Internet.

A lightweight RSS subscription generator that can run on Cloudflare Worker. It currently supports Bilibili dynamics, Telegram channels, Weibo users, and Little Red Book users. Users can obtain RSS subscriptions for specific content by adding parameters after the specified route.

A technical implementation that receives WeChat messages through Telegram. However, I feel that there is not much demand for this scenario.

A public welfare project that distributes free GPT API keys. It has been tested and can be used. If needed, you can give it a try.

A quick start template for Astro 3.0 & Tailwind CSS.

An open-source read-later tool. I used it with Obsidian for a while when it first came out, and the experience was good. It seems to have been improved a lot now. The feature is that it is technically open-source, has an official open API, and is suitable for those looking for an open-source read-later tool.

A library that allows for quick implementation of '@' mention in social and note-taking applications. It is convenient for quickly solving this requirement.

Auto-i18n is a tool that uses ChatGPT to automatically translate Markdown files into multiple languages. It achieves full automation of blog article i18n (Internationalization). You only need to push the blog post to the GitHub repository to automatically translate it into multiple languages using GitHub Actions. (Currently supports English, Spanish, and Arabic, and will provide support for more languages in the future)

Heimdallr is a very lightweight notification gateway that can aggregate various push channels. It can be deployed using Serverless with almost zero cost. It is equivalent to a free, open-source, and self-built new version of Server 酱 without any restrictions. It allows easy push notifications.

An open-source PC RSS reader with a simple and free interface.

Also an open-source RSS reader, but this one is for mobile. The UI design is really good and looks great. However, currently, it only has core features and can only import subscriptions one by one.

FreeTube is an open-source desktop YouTube player that prioritizes privacy. It allows you to use YouTube without ads and prevents Google from tracking you with cookies and JavaScript.

A third-party Spotify lyrics tool with several popular styles to choose from. The "Lingdong Word Island" style is quite interesting. You can play around with it.

Automated blog newsletter service
An RSS to Newsletter service, suitable for static blog authors to quickly set up their own newsletters.

Screenshot Tweet from URL
A tool for generating screenshots of tweets without the need to log in.

🔍 Some index#

Random Thoughts#

💭 "I love learning, but I hate being educated."#

Without external information and actions as references, employment will be aimless and actionless. The reason why people can find employment is that they can use external information as references. They can understand, set goals, discard garbage, and aim and shoot... to achieve what they call "plans". Unfortunately, most people rely on internal information, and they don't even have external references.
Internal information refers to schools, institutions, forums, various bragging groups, internet celebrity information, boring books, etc.
External information refers to flexible and changeable job postings, instant interview feedback, unemployment, frustration, etc.
Remember that these external feedbacks are important. Many people overlook them, resulting in the loss of goals and "plans", or even no goals at all!
Of course, among internal information, I never agree with these so-called "plans". Instead of saying that it is your plan, it is better to say that it is the plan of leaders and others.
I never follow anything. I only judge and make decisions based on external information. The vegetable market aunt will never sell cabbage for 100 yuan per kilogram because she knows the market's general price. If the price signal of the market is lost, if the aunt continues to sell at 100 yuan, unless the cabbage is made of gold, otherwise, in the case of the same quality as others, she will only lose money, and the cabbage will eventually rot.
I love learning, but I don't like being forced to be recommended and planned by others. I never follow others' paths. Just as Churchill said, "I love learning, but I hate being educated."

💎 The only difference between time and money is that there is no means of "saving" for time.#

We rarely have the opportunity to stop and ask ourselves what kind of person we want to become (rather than the person others want us to become), so we can take this as the starting point for everything. You can examine your time as if you were investing, and then think about your investment strategy (about time, you actually have limited ways to utilize it, see Dead time & Live time) - whether to put all your eggs in one basket or in multiple baskets? Pursue maximum returns or just break even? Remember, the only difference between time and money is that there is no means of "saving" for time.

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