Issue 18 - Cloud Window Moon Household

Issue 18 - Cloud Window Moon House#


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Recording down down-to-earth front-end and tech content seen every week, as well as some personal life updates. Updated every two weeks after selection, feel free to follow this column for convenient update notifications.

User Experience: Annoying Nested Menus!
This article discusses the challenges of nested menus in terms of user experience, especially the issues that users may encounter when trying to move the mouse to a submenu. The article introduces the concept of "Safe Triangle," which effectively solves this problem and provides a smoother interaction experience. This concept determines whether to keep the submenu open by detecting the mouse's movement path.

20 JS Shortcuts to Improve Efficiency and Say Goodbye to Messy Code!
This article introduces 20 JS shortcuts that can make our code more elegant when used frequently.

Decisions That Made CSS Regretful
This article introduces several interesting design mistakes acknowledged by CSS officials. These design mistakes not only involve technical issues but also reflect the complexity of design thinking, user experience, and social culture from multiple dimensions.

CSS: In-depth Inline Elements
This article delves into various aspects of inline elements in CSS, from the baseline and x-height of letters to best practices and property values. The article explains the concepts of inline element size, line height, and font size using the structure of the letter "x," and provides various practical methods, such as how to vertically center inline elements. The article also discusses issues related to baselines and whitespace, aiming to help front-end developers write CSS more elegantly.

[Front-end Engineering] Complete Process and Pitfall Records for Building a Company npm Private Repository Using Verdaccio
This article provides a detailed introduction on how to build and use a private npm repository using Verdaccio, in order to more effectively manage and use the front-end business components and logic within the company. The article emphasizes the benefits of building a private npm repository, including protecting business code, improving download speed, and caching functionality. Through this approach, companies can improve development efficiency while protecting their core technologies and code. The article also provides steps for installation, publishing, and using private npm packages, as well as solutions to potential issues that may arise during the setup process.

Free for Developers
A website dedicated to organizing developer tools that can be used for free. Freebies are great! 😂

A navigation site with a clean interface and comprehensive content. I discovered many interesting websites here.

A file link system that uses Telegram as storage, which can be used as a Telegram image hosting service or a Telegram cloud drive.

Open Interpreter is an open-source code interpreter that runs locally, allowing language models to execute code on your computer. This tool supports multiple programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, and Shell.

A tool for making ID photos, with open-source code and completely implemented in the frontend.

An open-source project management tool that has a UI and features similar to Linear, serving as a replacement version.

I Miss My Bar
A website that provides white noise sounds from bars. Give it a try if you're interested.

A website that collects Chinese blogs and visualizes them in a mountain town. Quite interesting.

🔍 Some Index#

Just Browsing#

💭 Prioritizing Right or Wrong vs. Standpoint?#

  1. Judging Right or Wrong Based on Facts and Logic:

    • Right or wrong judgments are usually based on facts and logic. Rational analysis and fact-based judgments are often crucial in problem-solving and decision-making. For example, in scientific research, legal judgments, and everyday problem-solving, accurate understanding of facts and logical reasoning are essential.
  2. The Importance of Standpoints:

    • Standpoints often reflect personal or collective values, beliefs, and interests. In certain contexts, such as political or moral discussions, standpoints may take precedence over judgments of right or wrong. Standpoints can influence how individuals or groups perceive and interpret facts and how they make decisions.
  3. Balancing Right or Wrong and Standpoints:

    • In many situations, the ideal scenario is to be able to clearly define a standpoint based on a clear understanding of right or wrong. However, the actual situation may be more complex, and sometimes a balance needs to be struck between judgments of right or wrong and standpoints. For example, in team collaboration or social interactions, being too rigid in one's judgments of right or wrong may affect interpersonal relationships and teamwork, while appropriate compromise and understanding of different standpoints may be more helpful in finding common ground and problem-solving.
  4. The Influence of Context:

    • Different contexts and backgrounds can influence the choices individuals make between judgments of right or wrong and standpoints. For example, in an environment that emphasizes teamwork and consensus, there may be a tendency to consider different standpoints and find compromises. In an environment that emphasizes facts and logic, there may be a tendency to make decisions based on judgments of right or wrong.

Of course, there is no absolute answer to this question, and it needs to be considered based on specific contexts and backgrounds. Each person may have different perspectives and approaches when dealing with this issue. The important thing is to remain open and understanding when necessary and be willing to adjust one's thinking and behavior in different contexts.

💎 If You Don't Pay for a Product, You Are the Product Being Sold#

This statement reveals an important reality of the current digital age, where in many free internet services, users' attention and data are seen as valuable resources.

  1. Attention Economy:

    • Social and short video platforms rely on users' high-frequency usage and continuous attention to attract advertisers and generate profits. These platforms compete for users' attention by providing engaging content and interactive experiences, and then monetize through ad displays and user data analysis.
  2. Value of User Data:

    • User behavioral data is extremely valuable to social and short video platforms. By analyzing users' browsing, liking, and sharing behaviors, platforms can better understand users' preferences and needs, thereby optimizing content recommendation algorithms and advertising strategies.
  3. Exchange of Personal Information:

    • Users unknowingly exchange their personal information and privacy while enjoying free services. Although this exchange provides convenience and entertainment to users, it may also involve potential privacy risks and information security issues.
  4. User Choice:

    • Users have the choice of whether to use these free social and short video platforms. Some users may be willing to pay for better services and experiences to avoid ad interference and data collection. However, many users may prefer to accept free services, even at the cost of some privacy exchange.
  5. Considerations of Ethics and Laws:

    • Social and short video platforms need to consider ethical and legal responsibilities while pursuing commercial interests. For example, how to handle user data transparently, protect user privacy, and avoid excessive reliance and information overload.

In the modern digital economy, free does not mean without cost. While enjoying free services, users need to be aware of potential privacy and information security risks, as well as the commercialization of attention. At the same time, governments and society need to appropriately regulate and guide these new business models and technological developments to protect user rights and promote healthy social development.

🎞️ Movie Watching#

  • National Day holiday movie list:
    • "How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 1/2/3"
      • A German drama series about selling drugs in a high school setting. It's a bit like a youth version of "The Social Network," with a combination of a self-centered and self-doubting protagonist and his motivation for drug dealing.
    • "The Darknet Diaries"
      • The inspiration behind "How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)," this documentary reveals how Max Schmid built a drug empire from his childhood bedroom.
    • "The Social Dilemma"
      • A great documentary that explains how algorithms and various designs keep people's attention on electronic devices. People are trapped in an information cocoon.
      • "Algorithms for Good"
    • "The Rock" (Chinese movie)
      • A Chinese anti-corruption film. Well, not much to say, Zhou Dongyu is quite cute.
    • "The Father"
      • As a biographical film, it's really thrilling to be able to capture such intense moments.

📚 Reading#

  • Currently reading "Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder." Some of the viewpoints are quite in line with my current approach to doing things, such as adding randomness and uncertainty to daily life, similar to genetic mutations in biological evolution. Unexpected gains may be waiting.

🎮 Gaming#

  • "Baldur's Gate"
    • During the National Day holiday, I played with @niracler for a few afternoons. I jumped right into the game without much knowledge, and we even experienced a save file deletion incident. Fortunately, it was only a few hours of progress 😅, but it was still a fun adventure. I might continue playing when I have time.
  • "Apex Legends"
    • When I feel like it, I'll go and shoot some enemies. It's always satisfying to break someone's armor with a burst of bullets 😄
  • "Genshin Impact"
    • After not playing for about five months, I came back and checked out the new area, Fontaine Underground City. It's still quite enjoyable to use the PC version to appreciate the scenery. I might spend some time playing it every day as a retirement game.
  • "Honkai Impact 3rd: Star Rail"
    • I tried out miHoYo's new game, a turn-based strategy mobile game. The characters are quite good-looking, and it's quite strong among turn-based mobile games. If you're interested in this type of game, you can give it a try.

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