Issue 17 - Wenhao Tide Life

Issue 17 - Wenhao Tide#


The cover is from an old photo album and was taken in Huizhou.

Recording down the down-to-earth front-end and tech content I come across each week, as well as some personal life updates. I'll update it every two weeks after selecting the content. If you find it interesting, feel free to follow this column to receive update notifications conveniently.

Refactoring My Blog with Next.js + Hexo
The author introduces how they rebuilt their personal blog using Next.js and Hexo, breaking through the vertical barrier between static HTML and user interaction. They used Next.js to refactor their independent blog based on Hexo. I also have a personal blog based on Hexo, so I might try it out when I have time.

Ports After 1024 (EN)
Linux systems reserve ports below 1024 (0-1023) for system use, while other ports are allocated by users. This article summarizes the default ports occupied by various common applications that are greater than 1024.

The ideal viewport doesn't exist
A design company attempted to count the number of browser window sizes (also known as viewports), and the result was a surprising 2300.

Sqids is an open-source library used to generate YouTube-style short IDs from numbers. These IDs are short, easy to generate, and guaranteed not to conflict.

[Tutorial] A Step-by-Step Guide to Playing with IC Cards (Access Cards, Elevator Cards, Meal Cards, Water Cards, Campus Cards, One Card)
This video series covers everything related to IC cards, from basic knowledge to working principles, from data encryption to practical operations. It provides detailed instructions on how to decode, modify, and copy cards such as access cards, elevator cards, meal cards, water cards, campus cards, and one cards. I've always been curious about the detailed technical details inside IC cards, and this Bilibili blogger has compiled some of their own insights, which is very valuable.
A website that uses AI to generate frontend UI designs. The focus is on rapid iteration by iterating prompts to quickly iterate designs. It is currently in the beta testing phase, so you need to join the waitlist first.

Subdomain Center
This website allows you to check how many subdomains a domain has. After clicking the search box, you can directly query by modifying the URL in the address bar. Its code is open source.
An IP information query API for developers. The free plan allows 1000 calls per day. If you have a project with relevant requirements, you can give it a try.

A Real Me - Test to Know Yourself
A website with various tests that help you understand your true self.
A free online tool for designing and creating logos. Most of the design effects are decent.
A website where AI helps you analyze company financial reports. It should be a useful tool for conducting business research.

Emoji Kitchen
A tool for combining emojis. The interesting thing is that you can see the result of combining the currently selected emoji with other emojis.

🔍 Some Index#

Just browsing#

📑 Silicon Valley Companies: We Call Them Software Engineers, Not Workers#

  • Officially authorized translation in Chinese
  • An interesting topic: what achievements should highly paid engineers make to justify their salaries? In general, most companies choose to increase their workload or the difficulty of their work because they earn much more than others. However, "Silicon Valley companies" don't do that...
  • I personally believe that freedom of thought and autonomy in actions are important and worth cultivating in any creative profession.

💭 About "Milk-Drinking Pleasure"#

Competition will become increasingly fierce, and 80% of people will become poorer and their status will decline. There will inevitably be conflicts between these 80% and the remaining 20%. Brodsky proposed the famous "milk-drinking pleasure" theory. The so-called milk-drinking pleasure refers to the use of entertaining, low-intelligence, gamified, low-cost, and easily stimulating methods to alleviate the dissatisfaction of the lower class. Therefore, the more entertainment, games, variety shows, and brainless idol dramas that are available, the better. When these things are readily available, the lower class will settle down, continue to be poor, continue to gain nothing, and waste their lives without complaints. Although this is an event on the other side of the ocean, the phenomenon of milk-drinking pleasure also exists around us. Someone once said that giving a person an internet connection, a small room, and a food delivery phone is enough to ruin them. Because when a person is immersed in entertaining, fragmented information and unregulated games, your attention is completely occupied, your time is consumed, your desires can be easily satisfied, self-discipline gradually diminishes, and willpower becomes weak. You no longer think. You no longer aspire to difficult careers. You fear challenges and fear progress.

🌟 Being interesting is more important than being meaningful#

First of all, when people say something is "interesting," it usually means that it arouses curiosity or attracts people in some way. Sometimes, these "interesting" things or activities may not have practical value or long-term significance, but they can immediately bring joy, excitement, or fulfillment to people.

On the other hand, "meaningful" affairs or activities are usually connected to longer-term goals or values, such as career achievements, relationships, or personal growth. These affairs may require more time and effort, and their rewards may not be immediately visible.

So why do I think that "interesting" is sometimes considered more important than "meaningful"?

  1. Quality of life: Long-term pursuit of "meaningful" goals can be stressful, while "interesting" activities can bring immediate happiness and improve the quality of life.
  2. Inspiration and creativity: "Interesting" things often inspire people's creativity and can lead to new perspectives and solutions, which is often more valuable than simply pursuing "meaningful" things.
  3. Social value: People are usually more willing to share and discuss "interesting" things, which helps with social activities and building relationships.
  4. Self-awareness: By participating in "interesting" activities, people have the opportunity to better understand themselves and find what they truly love, which can lead to finding "meaningful" goals.

Overall, these two are not mutually exclusive. Often, the ideal state is to have something that is both "interesting" and "meaningful". However, if you can only choose one, many people may choose "interesting" because it can immediately improve your mood and mindset, which may then affect how you perceive "meaningful" affairs. I hope everyone can find "interesting" things from time to time and infuse them with meaning. This is probably a good attitude towards doing things as I currently understand it.

🎞️ Movie Watching#

  • I've mostly been watching TV shows in my free time these past two weeks, feeling a bit lazy.
    • "Stranger Things"
      • Finished watching all four seasons of Stranger Things. It's very binge-worthy, the kind of show that makes you want to watch the next episode after finishing one. Personally, I like the first and fourth seasons the most. The fourth season has a lot of information density.
    • "Breaking Bad Season 1"
      • It tells the story of two "good" cooks and their struggles after getting involved in the drug trade. It shows the helplessness of an adult after having a family. It taught the younger me a good lesson. I'll continue watching the following seasons.
    • "Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance"
      • A very commercial film, not much to say about it. I watched it to learn more about the background of Baldur's Gate 3, which I plan to play.
    • "Dark Glory Season 1"
      • It tells the story of a girl who suffered from campus violence in high school and plans to take revenge after growing up. It's a kind of satisfying drama to some extent.

📚 Reading#

  • I'm currently reading "Maybe You Should Talk to Someone", a book that describes life issues and family relationship problems from the perspective of a therapist and their clients. The writing style is a bit fragmented, but it's very healing. As the book says, a therapist is like a mirror that helps clients see themselves clearly. This book is also like a mirror, and people from various aspects can find some resonance in it. I hope that after reading this book, I can find some answers to the problems I encounter or reconcile with myself.

📝 Some Excerpts#

  • The day I met her, the only thing in my mind was: "The grass is tying its seeds, and the wind is shaking its leaves." We stood there, not saying a word, and it was beautiful. - Gu Cheng, "In Front of the Door"
  • There are three stages of growth in life: the first is realizing that you are no longer the center of the world, the second is realizing that no matter how hard you try, you are powerless, and the third is accepting your ordinariness and enjoying it. - Zhou Guoping
  • Your countless annotations and interpretations of me do not constitute even a thousandth of who I am, but they reveal everything about you. - Sanmao

🎉 END#

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