16th Issue - White Robe Minister

Issue 16 - The White Robe Minister#


The cover is from the movie "Lost in Translation".

Recording down down-to-earth front-end and tech content seen every week, as well as some personal life. After selection, it will be published here every Saturday. If you find it good, you can follow this column for convenient update notifications.

A portable document format (PDF) viewer built using HTML5.

An OpenAI interface management and distribution system that currently supports the management of many AI large model APIs. It can be deployed with one-click using Docker.

A Deep Dive Into SVG Path Commands
Quickly understand the design and output process of SVG paths, learn basic drawing syntax, and understand the combination of digital art through several examples.

DevTools Tips
The author has summarized 155 browser development debugging tips, each of which can effectively improve your efficiency.

A Telegram bot that can automatically expand Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok links. It can directly access channels and expand videos and GIF images in the links. It can also expand Bilibili links. You can watch Bilibili in Telegram 😂

💰 My Frugal Indie Dev Startup Stack
Independent developer Maya Kyler has summarized some products used in independent development. They are really cost-effective and very good products. Essential for freeloaders 👻

A collection of works that use advanced CSS styles, mainly displaying Pokemon cards. The effects are very cool. It is a great open-source project for learning and observing.

Miao Flash Font Library
A website that collects various Chinese and English fonts for online preview and download.

An AI text-to-speech generation tool that recently started supporting Chinese voice generation. Everyone can go and play with it.

A front-end animation debugging tool that quickly debugs the animation effects you need.

Another tool for creating web animation effects. The difference is that you don't need to debug here. Find what you need and copy it!
A scheduling product that feels elegant to use. Unfortunately, I don't have the need for meetings, but friends who need it can give it a try.

🔍 Some Index#

Just browsing#

🎥 "Streaming Pioneers"#

  • In this story with fictional elements, a Swedish tech entrepreneur and his partner are determined to completely change the music industry through a legal and compliant streaming service platform.
  • This week, I watched this series on Netflix, and it feels a bit like a cool drama. It mainly tells the early entrepreneurial story of the Spotify team, and also tells that business and the real world are not just binary. It requires someone to bear the cost for their idealism, and it also shows the helplessness of compromising with the world after taking on more responsibilities.
  • Two episodes left a deep impression on me. One episode is about the team's technological breakthrough in actually creating the product. One point is that the team strives to reduce the latency of song switching. Later, because the team's server purchase pressure was too great, they decided to use P2P to build the network. Our CTO brother thought of pre-caching related songs based on user listening preferences and immediately calling the central server when searching for songs with different "tastes". The show said, "Just for this one search!" The effect is really good, but the boss is still not satisfied. So our CTO brother starts to rack his brains and suddenly realizes when waiting for a red light to cross the road, people often accelerate and rush over before the red light comes on. This inspired him to redesign a TCP/IP protocol, changing its congestion control strategy, and applied for a patent. This allows it to sprint at the end, even if breaking this order will result in some packet loss, but who can tell? Finally, the boss exclaimed, "Amazing effect!"
  • Another episode is about Spotify's legal team. It is not an exaggeration to say that without their efforts at that time, we would not be able to use Spotify today. Many transition scenes in this episode are also amazing. A section that uses rainbow stones to explain playlists cleverly explains Spotify's product logic. In short, it's pretty good. You can go watch it if you're interested.
  • Afterwards, I specifically compared the latency of song switching on Spotify with other music platforms, and there is indeed a noticeable difference.

📼 How Does Investment Make Money?#

  • A video that Meng Yan has polished for two years. It is a very high-quality content, and I can actually watch it for free 😂? Good content is like an asset that can generate interest, with huge compound interest. I believe that just the content of this video alone can make everyone feel the dedication of their team. As he said, good content is not planned, it grows. Their team really interprets this point well👍

📚 Reading#

  • I finished reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad 1" this week, and I'm ready to read the second part. I also finished reading the second part. It is a very good investment and financial education book for enlightenment. I think I should have read it when I was young, but it's not too late to catch up now. It is also very helpful for many adults.

📝 Some excerpts#

  • In economics, there is a view that wealth is about what you can do, not what you own.
  • Philosophy is the API documentation of the human soul.
  • The stock market is a chaotic system, like the weather, unpredictable. What is even more difficult to predict is human greed and fear! Learn to awe the market and face your own ignorance and insignificance.

🎉 END#

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