15th Issue - Flowing Emotions and Dreams

Issue 15 - Flowing Dreams#


The cover is from the sunset in my friend's circle last week.

Recording down down-to-earth front-end and technology content, as well as some personal life, seen every week. After selection, it will be published here every Saturday. If you find it good, you can follow this column to conveniently receive update notifications.

A course that you can't learn in school, an article that takes you through the art of the command line and deepens your understanding of the command line.

Front-end Knowledge Map
A website that visualizes some knowledge points of front-end using a map. Students who are interested can take a look.

An awesome list that collects some services that can be self-deployed on GitHub. The content is very comprehensive. Friends with relevant needs can take a look, maybe you will find the service you need.

A library that quickly adds smooth transition and other animation effects to your web app. It feels quite convenient.

Plausible Analytics
A website data analysis tool that claims to replace Google Analytics. It has similar functions to umami.

Internet Archive
The Internet Archive, where you can see the evolution history of almost all web pages on the Internet. For example, this is the xLog official website recorded in August 2022.

Codeium, a popular AI assistant for developers that claims to be permanently free. It has made a comparison with its competitors, but I can't stop using the free Copilot. I can try it in the future.

Fliqlo - Screensaver
A classic clock screensaver that is always pleasing to the eye. I used it for a while a long time ago, but I forgot about it when I changed computers. I recently rediscovered it and recommend it to everyone. It's free and looks good.👍

A powerful online tool for converting ordinary images into vector graphics. However, the disadvantage is that it is a bit expensive, so I don't think any of us will use it. 😂

Temp Mail
An online temporary email tool that can be used without registration. It is useful when you want to register for some websites to experience them.

A website for free-cut image materials, with many free-cut transparent background image materials. It is very useful for designers or when we are doing some interesting web pages, saving us time to find materials.

I18n Translation Search Engine
An online internationalization translation search tool that can translate a piece of text into multiple languages at the same time.

🔍 Some index#

  • Explore high-quality content on the Internet | Immersive Translation (
    • A document that collects many high-quality sources of information on the Internet.
  • MagText
    • A cool text animation effect.
  • The Pudding
    • Pudding is a digital magazine that focuses on visual storytelling. Their team consists of journalists, developers, and designers who use data visualization, interactive tools, and innovative design methods to tell interesting stories in various fields such as culture, society, and history. They aim to provide in-depth insights and new perspectives. You can see many interesting web interactions, which are worth learning.
  • Tech Blog Search
    • A website that collects and aggregates technical blog articles. It is very good for reading English language materials.
  • Conversation with Emojis on Poe
    • Poe's Emojis robot, let me recommend it. It is very useful, especially when you need to add some Emojis in articles, just give it keywords and it will give me related expressions.👍

Just take a look#

💻 Experience various versions of Windows online#

🎥 "One Trillion Game"#

  • A Japanese drama that I have been following recently. It tells the story of A Yang, who is quick-witted, versatile, and doesn't know how to brake when doing bad things, and A Xue, who has communication barriers but is very knowledgeable about computers. The two of them become inseparable partners and start a business from scratch after graduation, aiming to earn "one trillion dollars" that can buy anything in the world! For this reason, they decide to challenge the world-class hacker competition SECCHAM...
  • However, this drama seems to have mixed reviews from the outside world. My impression of it is that it is really enjoyable to watch, although sometimes it is awkward. One more thing is that I really like the appearance of the female lead 😂, and the character she portrays has a contrasting feeling, which makes me like it even more hahaha.

📼 Thankful for the Road of Reading, which allows me to escape from such a dysfunctional family#

  • A video that touched me deeply. This is just a possibly newly adult high school girl who has a more mature understanding than many peers, is more sensible, and has started to have her own understanding of some rudimentary aspects of society. When I was just 18, I may not have thought about many aspects as much as she did. It can only be said that the influence of the environment on different people is huge. Each of us is in a different environment, taking in various types of information every day, which makes each of us unique, different from any individual in the world.
  • Although it is undeniable that the exam-oriented education in China has stifled a lot of creativity, many knowledge is forced upon us, but standing on the opposite side of reality, what we see is that more people at the bottom may only have this path to get out. I actually grew up as a left-behind child in the countryside, and I also came to the city for school and work. Maybe what I can do now is to improve myself well so that my next generation will not be too constrained by their original family.
  • After that, I also saw a discussion about the cruel education system in South Korea and the phenomenon of the Korean exam. I have heard about it before, but that video deepened my understanding of it. At present, it seems that it is even more difficult to cross classes in Korea through education than in China. There is a sentence in it that left a deep impression on me. It says: In Korea, there are three factors for the success of the college entrance examination: the mother finds the way, the father provides the money, and the child works hard. These three factors are indispensable. You can imagine how intense it is.

📚 Reading#

  • This week I finished reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad 1". I'm going to read the second part next. It is a very good investment and financial education primer. I think I should have read it when I was young, but it's not too late to catch up now. It is also very helpful for many adults.
  • The books on my WeChat Reading bookshelf are increasing. I hope I can read them all slowly. Reading is really a good habit that keeps people thinking. Moreover, compared to other information carriers, books have a much higher information density, which allows us to have a deeper understanding of a topic.

📻 Podcasts#

  • I have been addicted to Meng Yan's Unknown to Anyone podcast in the past two weeks. His content is really infectious, healing, and energetic.
  • I also listened to several podcasts from Meng Yan's company, such as "Zhi Xing Xiao Jiu Guan" and "Investment ABC". The quality is very high, and it can be seen that this is a company that is dedicated to creating content.

⚙️ Automation#

  • Most of the automation tasks I used to use self-deployed n8n, which has a high degree of freedom, but many times it requires me to spend time tinkering, and some services are not integrated. Recently, I have gradually migrated some automation services to IFTTT. One is that it has more integrated services, and the other is that it saves time. Moreover, $2.99 per month for 20 Applets is enough.
  • Another point is that it can integrate some mobile services, such as muting the phone when arriving at work and unmuting it when returning home, triggering some operations when receiving matching SMS content, and so on...
  • Here, I would also like to recommend an Android app similar to Apple's Shortcuts: MacroDroid, a very powerful mobile automation tool. If used well, you will be like 007 😂

📝 Some excerpts#

  • Becoming unique may be more meaningful than being "outstanding" as most people think.
  • The best way to predict the future is to create it.
  • Machines should do all the hard work, freeing people to think.
  • I live in a wonderful waiting, waiting for any kind of future.
  • Good things grow, they are not planned.
  • If you can maintain a well-functioning local entropy reduction system, the resources of the external world will gather to you, and good things will happen to you. This is the ultimate password for money, relationships, and happiness.
  • Either gain energy from everything, or be consumed by everything.
  • Use external things without being controlled by them, so how can you be burdened!
  • Putting together local optimal solutions does not result in a global optimal solution.
  • Zhuangzi said: "If you are not attached to things, how can you be burdened by them?".
  • I don't know why I thought of Wang Yangming's four sentences: "There is no good or evil in the heart, there is good or evil in the intention, knowing good and evil is the conscience, doing good and avoiding evil is the study of things."
  • First, turn yourself into a cumulonimbus cloud and quietly wait for the arrival of lightning.
  • The primary way to make money relies on information asymmetry, the advanced way relies on cognitive asymmetry, and the top way relies on resource asymmetry.

🎉 END#

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