Issue 13 - Drunken Jade Collapsed Mountain

Issue 13 - Drunken Jade Ruins#


Cover image from wallhaven.

Recording down the down-to-earth front-end and tech circle content I come across each week, as well as some personal life updates. After selection, it will be published here every Saturday. If you find it interesting, you can follow this column to receive update notifications conveniently.

BlockSuite is an open-source editor project behind AFFiNE. It provides a ready-to-use block-based editor that is built on a framework designed for general collaboration applications.

A GitHub-style emoji reaction web component that can be easily deployed and integrated into any HTML page.

A library for implementing web page guided tours. I think there have been a few similar libraries recommended before, but this one looks good in terms of interaction.

A bitmap programming font optimized for comfort. It looks quite elegant.

A library aimed at turning all recordable data into GitHub svg heatmaps and skyline! I've been using it for a long time, and it's gradually supporting more platforms.



Leia Pix \
A free AI animated image creation tool with decent effects. It can be used to create a GIF avatar👻

Pika Labs
A platform that uses AI to convert text into videos. I tried it and the results were average. Interested friends can give it a try.
An online website for removing audio, which can extract vocals, accompaniment, and various audio tracks from any audio and video. New users have a free 10-minute quota to experience it, and the professional version requires payment. The effect is quite good!

A tool in the Moonvy family that compresses/converts images online in the browser, supporting compression and conversion of PNG, GIF, SVG, JPEG, WebP, JXL, and AVIF image formats.

I tried the international version of online video editing, and the user experience was quite good.

Just browsing#

🎥 "Her"#

  • Last Saturday, I spent some time revisiting Her. In this era of ChatGPT, it is amazing to see that people had such beautiful visions of AI ten years ago. I highly recommend it to friends who haven't seen it. Unlike other dystopian sci-fi films, this film is very beautiful and light-hearted in Spike Jonze's hands. After watching it, I took the time to recreate one of the AI character's small animations, which I found interesting.

📒 Heptabase#

  • On Sunday, I couldn't resist subscribing to Heptabase. I tried using it for a week and it feels really good. I spent a few hours organizing a book I finished reading last week on it, and it really guided me in thinking about the relationships between each card, allowing me to have a more systematic understanding of a topic.

🗒️ AI Diary#

  • Inspired by @MoneyXYZ this week, I also started trying to write a diary using ChatGPT. Compared to simply writing a diary on paper, this process is much better because you don't need to try to summarize every thing you did that day afterwards, how to connect them, and so on. This was a painful process at the beginning, but with the help of AI, you only need to chat with GPT after doing something you think is worth recording. At the end of each day, it will help you summarize the day and give you an evaluation or some suggestions. Of course, how you play with it depends on your prompt. The digitalization also has the advantage that you can combine it with various automation tools, such as automatically putting the to-do items you say every day into the corresponding to-do list software, or automatically putting the articles you see into your bookmarks, and so on. Of course, this idea is not limited to the form of chatting with GPT. I also thought of a new idea, which is to record daily trivial matters on a Notion page, or automatically get the tasks you completed daily from your todoist, and then use n8n's automated workflow to organize them into a diary every day. If I have any new ideas later, I might talk about them separately.

🖥️ English by default#

  • I officially started gradually practicing "English by default", and the first step was to change the language of some commonly used electronic devices around me to English.

🐟 Slacking off#

  • On Friday afternoon, I didn't feel like fixing bugs in the business, so I fixed a bug in GitHubPoster and made a PR for fun. 😁

🤖 Engineering ChatGPT#

  • Another interesting point is that more and more companies are starting to engineer ChatGPT to assist engineers in their daily development. Prompts have become company-owned assets, and their value is even equivalent to code.
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