12th Issue - Evening Clouds and Spring Trees

Issue 12 - Evening Clouds and Spring Trees#


Cover image from wallhaven.

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A more modern utility function library compared to lodash. If you're tired of using lodash, you can give this one a try.

Mock.js is a data mocking generator that helps separate front-end development and prototyping from backend progress, reducing some monotony, especially when writing automated tests. If, like me, you're a bit socially anxious at work and don't want to bother the backend team to change interfaces all the time, mock is an essential skill for front-end development.

A minimalist JavaScript library for interactive maps suitable for mobile devices. If you have related needs, you can give it a try.

A component for selecting emojis. If you happen to use xlog, you can reply with an emoji in the comments below to experience this component. 😁

A React Hook for sound effects that allows you to add some sound effects to your React applications, making them more interactive.

A library that allows React components to use the Intersection Observer API and CSS animations to add display animation effects. It's pretty cool.

A multi-agent AI framework developed by a Chinese team that can generate product requirement documents, design documents, task lists, and repositories based on a requirement. It consists of a GPT model that is assigned different roles to form a collaborative software entity for complex tasks. The era of cyber companies is coming. 👻

An enhanced plugin for YNAB that allows for more visual viewing of bill data and adjustment of some personalized settings. If I would rate YNAB without plugins as 80 points, with plugins, I would give it 99 points. The remaining one point is because $15 per month is a bit expensive.

Toggl track
A time tracking tool. I actually used it for a while before, but later I bought UpTimer due to synchronization issues. However, after persisting for two months, I stopped recording. Recently, after reading Starting a New Day After Work, I realized that time management is still something worth persisting in. The free version of Toggl track is completely sufficient, and a good thing about it is that you can flexibly choose whether to record in advance, after the fact, or while doing the task. Overall, it's pretty good.

An open-source HTML dynamic wallpaper engine. It seems quite interesting, and with some web pages, you might be able to develop some new gameplay. Friends with ideas can give it a try.

An open-source workflow automation tool. Easily automate tasks across different services. A must-have for lazy tech geeks. Last week, I also redecorated my cyber space based on @Raye and references from a few other experts. Feel free to subscribe~

A modified web browser that helps with responsive web development. It allows you to simultaneously view how a webpage displays on different devices, eliminating the hassle of constantly switching responsive devices. It's a pretty good developer tool.

Just Browsing#

I Crawled Through 100,000 Comments Just to Find Ying Jiang's Little Black Seed!
This blogger has already embarked on an irreversible path of using technology to have fun.

Young People Swimming Naked in Septic Tanks
All I can say is that I'm already swimming forward while pinching my nose. Although the social environment may not be very optimistic, as economics says, we should work harder to increase our holdings of assets we consider valuable in a bear market so that we can rise in a bull market! So, we don't need to think too much about the present, just focus on investing in ourselves. Let's work hard together and make the old shine and let the new slowly brew!

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