Issue 11 - Paper Falling Like Smoke

Issue 11 - Paper Falling Clouds#


Cover image drawn by AI.

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Illustrated Computer Basics
The author has summarized about computer networks, operating systems, computer architecture, and databases, with a total of 1000 images + 500,000 words. The aim is to demystify the obscure and difficult-to-understand computer basics, so that there are no difficult-to-understand jargon in the world! Friends who need it can take a look.

Nuxt's official documentation solution, the UI looks pretty good.

An implementation of a todolist implemented in various mainstream front-end frameworks. Starting with a todolist when encountering a new framework is a good way to get started. This repository can be used as a reference.

A collection of almost all services that developers can use for free. A blessing for freeloaders, take it and you're welcome 🫡.

A library aimed at drawing perfect pressure-sensitive hand-drawn lines in the frontend.

The Vue version of Radix UI Primitives. Currently, there are relatively few component developments. Another Vue version, Radix Vue, has more components. Those who use Vue can give it a try.

A Chinese medical language model, the possibility of a cyber doctor?


A modern, open-source Linux server operation and maintenance management panel. Because I needed a backup for my server recently, I tried this panel, and it's quite awesome! Those who have servers can give it a try.

A Pornhub Flavour Logo Generator
As shown in the picture, a simple online logo generator suitable for people who want to easily design logos.


A tool for generating hand-drawn SVG stroke animations in the development stage. I tried it briefly, and it's really cool!

Novu is an open-source notification infrastructure designed to help engineering teams build rich product notification experiences without constantly reinventing the wheel.

Just Take a Look#

Self-Study English
This article is a deep analysis and explanation about learning English. The author believes that many people spend a lot of time and effort learning English, but in the end, they are unable to effectively read English documents, which is very regrettable. The main points of the article include:

  1. Change personal mindset, believe that English is useful, and acknowledge that it can be mastered through learning.
  2. Explain the root cause of many people's failure after ten years of hard work in learning English.
  3. Explain the necessity of persistence and investment in effective training and immersive learning to master any language and scientific technology.
  4. Elaborate on the ability of adults to learn and master new languages surpassing children, but lacking a training environment.
  5. Describe how to build a personal training environment and carry out effective training.
  6. Describe how to reduce the difficulty of training, making learning comfortable and natural, without the need for extreme efforts.
  7. Finally, provide installation and configuration steps for dictionaries and other learning resources.

The author emphasizes that the key to learning a language lies in continuous practice and training, not just theoretical learning. He suggests switching all daily information to English, such as switching the language of mobile phones and computers to English, reading English professional and non-professional books, reading more English documents, and following English Twitter accounts, etc. This way, you can constantly come into contact with and use English in daily life, thereby improving your English proficiency.

An interesting tool, an AI stock selection tool based on ChatGPT.

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