Issue 06 - Xuanxiao Danque

Issue 06 - Xuanxiao Danque#


The cover is from the internet, a very healing sky.

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A divine graduation project management system, Refine, to build CRUD applications based on React without limitations.

A complete set of Tencent's motion graphics workflow solutions, providing plugins for exporting from AE (Adobe After Effects), desktop preview tool PAGViewer, and cross-platform rendering SDK for various platforms.

How smooth should scrolling be? You'll know when you use this library! A library that assists you in optimizing scrolling effects and creating scrolling special effects.

A lightweight and easy-to-use react h5 player component.

React Spring
React Spring is a JavaScript library for building high-performance animation effects. It is based on React and allows you to easily create smooth, interesting, and natural interactive user interfaces.

React Joyride
React Joyride is used to add user guides and interactive tutorials to web applications. It can help you provide users with an intuitive and fun way to guide them through various parts of your application and how to use them.

React Beautiful DnD
react-beautiful-dnd is a lightweight drag and drop library based on React. It provides an easy-to-use API to easily implement drag and drop functionality. You can use react-beautiful-dnd to implement various drag and drop features, such as list reordering, draggable panels, draggable table rows, and more.

An information management tool, RSS reader, GitHub stars manager, tweet manager, and automatic record of viewed articles.

An excellent tiling window management tool for MAC OS.

A CLI for building and developing Next.js applications for Cloudflare Pages. It has to be said that Cloudflare's ecosystem is really good, and their products are also very user-friendly.

Build your own ChatGPT Telegram Bot in just a few minutes using only Cloudflare Workers.

Just Take a Look#

Beasts Can Really Surf the Internet
The author's title is very comprehensive. I also share the same view as the author on empathy. Empathy, like love, is innate. Those who understand it have always understood it, and those who don't understand it will never understand it in their lifetime.

Deep Interview with OpenAI Legendary AI Scientist Andrej Karpathy: AI and the Meaning of Life
This is a deep interview with Andrej Karpathy, a legendary scientist at OpenAI (a founding member of OpenAI and former head of AI at Tesla, poached by Musk), after leaving Tesla. The interview took place on October 22, 2022, just one week before the release of ChatGPT. The content is very exciting and worth watching attentively.

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