Issue 00 - All for the Prologue

Issue 00 - All for the Prologue#


Cover from Bing Daily Wallpaper on April 8th

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Milkdown - WYSIWYG markdown editor framework driven by plugins
A very promising markdown editor framework, a new tool, beneficial for developers to create their own editor.

The Write Right Font - An open-source font for making typos
If you enjoy making typos and are troubled by it, then this will be your gospel.

Complete HTTP Network Course - Fetch and REST API in JavaScript
A vivid lesson on HTTP.

In-depth reading of "Maintaining a Complex Project"
Summarize the reasons why it becomes difficult to maintain a project continuously, and how to design to maintain good maintainability.

Bilibili Downloader
A command-line Bilibili downloader, mainly for downloading videos without watermarks.

Tango: Create operation guides with screenshots in seconds
Elegantly complete the operation guide with screenshots.

A magical document website generator, this newsletter site is based on this.

Rime Configuration: Frost Pinyin
A fully functional, well-experienced, and regularly updated Rime configuration file.

Just Take a Look#

How To Be Successful
YC's former president and current OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's article "How To Be Successful" is straightforward and many viewpoints are worth learning.

Will ChatGPT Develop Self-Awareness?
LLM is a basic model that has been pre-trained with self-supervision and can be fine-tuned to adapt to various natural language tasks, marking an important step towards the versatility of language models.

Thoughts on Automated Income
In modern society, you must have your own business, even if it's small.

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