"Wealthy seeking a comeback from the bottom of the valley"


These past few days, I found a documentary to watch during my free time, and it was quite interesting. I wanted to share some of the viewpoints from the documentary with everyone. The main content revolves around American billionaire Glenn Stearns accepting a challenge to realistically portray how he went from being a poor man to becoming the CEO of a million-dollar company. Glenn hides his last name in the show and starts with only $100 and a truck, completing the task in 90 days.
The significance of this reality show is not about being able to replicate his success, as the differences between the Chinese and American environments are there. However, many ideas can be learned and referenced. I have excerpted some sentences from the show. Of course, personal character, leadership, charisma, and knowledge reserves are also essential for success. These "golden sentences" cannot make you rich overnight, but they can be a direction for improvement. I feel that this show has reached the pinnacle in reality TV shows, and it has a certain social significance. It has strong learning value for personal mindset and thinking. It already has a second season, which should be good too. I will watch it when I have time.

Golden Sentences#

Episode 1#

  1. cover the basics first
    If you are busy with livelihood all day, it is impossible to start a business. So, carefully calculate and confirm the daily expenses.
    So, he set a goal to earn $3,300 in 7 days. This money will be used for daily expenses (food, clothing, shelter, transportation) for the next 3 months.
  2. recognize your strengths and weaknesses

Because he had previous experience in sales, he chose to find things to sell.
3. find your buyer first

What you consider as trash may be someone else's treasure.
4. no job is beneath you

The billionaire took a job cleaning houses.
5. diversify your efforts

St. Patrick's Day is an opportunity to explore multiple sources of income.
6. buy low, sell high

Sell balloons for $5 that were bought for 60 cents.
7. tap into the herd mentality

Approach a crowd to sell, as long as you can get two people to buy, there is a chance that the whole group will follow.

Episode 2#

  1. identify a need and fill it

The secret to successful entrepreneurship is to choose products that the market needs and organize a good team.
2. know your ****

Understand all aspects of the industry.
3. human capital

The most important management principle is human capital. During interviews, focus on whether the person has motivation and whether they can stay for a long time. Believe in this company.
4. install confidence

If the team does not trust you, you cannot achieve anything. Make sure the team believes in your vision.

Episode 3#

  1. be ready to pivot

Not every business can go according to plan. Good business people are always prepared for unexpected changes and failures. This is inevitable in management or entrepreneurship.
2. surround yourself with experts

  1. do your due diligence

  2. Entrepreneurship plan:
    4.1 BBQ and beer restaurant
    4.2 go national with sauces and rubs
    4.3 bring in local beer

  3. know how to motivate

Episode 4#

  1. create space for talent

If there is no position, create one.
2. less is more

Delete irrelevant information, clearly state the requirements, and grasp the key points from beginning to end.
3. "No" is just the start of the conversation

Successful businesses hear more rejections than agreements.

Episode 5#

  1. find people smarter than you

  2. set your own table

If you want to succeed, actively seek opportunities.
3. lose the battle to win the war

In the business world, sometimes losing a battle can lead to winning the entire war.

Episode 6#

  1. don't pigeonhole your players

  2. check the plane before you fly it

Pilots always perform thorough checks before taking off because lives are at stake.
3. if things go wrong, don't go with them

The ability to remain calm under pressure is the difference between professionalism and lack thereof.

Episode 7#

  1. shut up and listen

Carefully listen to the guidance of experts around you and acknowledge that the feedback they provide is helping you succeed.
2. if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen

  1. combat is optional

Conflict is a choice when opinions differ.
4. endure more pain than anyone else

Find a way to overcome difficulties and endure more pain than your competitors. Don't give up easily.

Episode 8#

  1. don't confuse effort with results

Turning wheels only have meaning when they move forward. Hard work is a necessary condition, but the focus is on working smart and, most importantly, what you have accomplished.
2. hand-ups not handouts

People deserve praise, not belittlement.

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